[aprssig] Questions about Callsigns Used in APRS

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Sep 26 09:38:59 CDT 2016

➢ "Total length of logins/callsigns may not exceed 9 characters including
the SSID if present."

TNC callsigns are 6 plus up to 2 digit SSID and a hyphen.  But for anything
else that can also be put on the map as an object or item the field is 9.

> 2. What is the minimum length for SSn-N aliases? Two? One? Probably two to
> meet the APRS minimum of three when the 'n' is appended?

The minimum length of any callsign or object/item in APRS is 3 characters.
SSn-N seems to work, Im not sure about how actual hardware digipeaters
handle say Sn-N?

> 5. Is GATE still a valid special handling token worth documenting and
> supporting?

Only a dual Port TNC or other VHF to HF gateway needs to handle it.

> Do HF stations requesting GATE actually want to land on everyone's VHF
> LANs...

Aboslutely not.  That would be the worst operating practice.  Unless someone
is calling MAYDAY, etc...  so leave it in.

> Are cross-band digis which aren't I-gates much of a thing any more?

Good question.  What's going on on 10.147 these days on APRS?
Bob, Wb4APR

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