[aprssig] Have Camera/phone - but dead battery

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Sep 27 11:35:28 CDT 2016

Many times I have been caught with a dead cell phone or camera at the times
I needed it most.

And the special charger is no where around.

I end up doing an emergency charge as shown here:


Even a few minutes will give you enough power to make that call or take
that photo.

Did it again yesterday when I drove an hour to take a picture of a ham
radio something, and the camera battery was dead.  Ended up using a
lightbulb in the car in series from the car battery for a minute or so to
get the energy to make the photo…

Always  have clip leads!

Caveat:  If you don’t understand charging, charge rates, capacity, and
electricity and volts, amps and watts, don’t do this.  You can blow it up.

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