[aprssig] FTM-100DR APRS path for ISS?

Bob Burns W9BU w9bu_lists at rlburns.net
Thu Jun 1 10:37:19 CDT 2017

Appears to be true.

See page 41 of the FTM-100DR APRS manual. Your choices for digipeater 
route are "OFF", "WIDE1-1", or "WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1". Other than those three 
selections, the route is not configurable.


On 5/25/2017 10:02 AM, Robert Bruninga wrote:
> Is it true that the FTM-100DR does not allow any other path than 
> WIDE1-1 and/or WIDE2-1?
> Bob, WB4APR
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> Subject: APRS Routing
> I have a Yaesu FTM-100DR with GPS and built-in TNC (etc.). The APRS 
> setup allows only Wide-1 and Wide-2 (and "Off") routing, with no 
> alteration available.   I guess it's called the New Paradigm. The 
> manual even says (settings cannot be changed)..
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