[aprssig] [OT] Is there a solid online area for all digital modes HAM or not

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Sun Jun 11 11:23:38 CDT 2017

What do you intend to use as the inputs to the neural network?  Many 
modes ought to be identifiable by their spectra.  Scrambled modes like 
G3RUH might be tough unless you're going to have a bunch of descramblers 
running in parallel, and to get to that point you'd have already created 
a demodulator and it wouldn't really require a neural network to figure 
out what it was.

Not all modes will come through cleanly if you're just pulling speaker 
audio off of a radio.  You'd probably need an SDR to get all of them.


On 6/10/2017 3:54 PM, Joshua Shriver wrote:
> Working on a new neural net project.  Want to create a open-source
> software suite, that can listen to a sample, identify it, then tell
> you what it is.  So you can then use whatever software exist to
> transcode it.
> 3rd stage is to decode it, itself.
> Excuse the OT but still in line since I want to include APRS signals.
> Plus a lot (most?) are HAMS.   There are a TONS of protocols for
> digital, well at least 20-30 from what I've seen in fldigi.
> Plus there are a lot of public things like NOAA GOES satellites/weather data :)
> IF any of you are familiar with vlc or mplayer.  Trying to create an
> open source like solution dealing purely with raw/.wav    imports for
> audio signals.
> Comments are appreciated :)
> -Joshua Shriver
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