[aprssig] APRS at the railway

skoric at uns.ac.rs skoric at uns.ac.rs
Sun Jun 18 10:23:31 CDT 2017

Hello all,

Yesterday I traveled by a train from Krakow to Wroclaw in southern-western
Poland. I had my handie-talkie ADI AF-16 near the compartment's window,
plugged in to my APRS laptop. Almost 80-90% of the trip that took more
than 3.5 hrs, I did not hear any APRS activity. Only the last segment,
some 50 km or so near Wroclaw, some stations appeared on air. The engine
was running around 120 km/h almost all the time.

Generally, I wonder about your experience from the trains elsewhere,
because I am not sure if my handy antenna was insufficient to catch weaker
signals, or there was pretty inactivity related to APRS mode the majority
of my trip?


Misko SP6/YT7MPB (at the moment in Wroclaw)

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