[aprssig] APRS at the railway

skoric at uns.ac.rs skoric at uns.ac.rs
Thu Jun 22 04:41:16 CDT 2017

> Hi Misko,
> Sometimes I also do aprs in the high speed TGV (180 MPH / 300 km/h). It
> works when there is nearby aprs digis on big cities, and also with a
> better antenna than the standard rubber : I use a SRH-36.
> As the TGV is leaving urban areas, relaying is weakening to zero.
> Main problems must be some metal layers on the window + Faraday effect.
> Except being able to put a vhf antenna on the train's roof (one for a 200
> mph sport car), I'm afraid there is no way for train aprs (except on old
> wood cars behind a steam engine ?).
> 73. Eric, F4FAP in Rennes, France.

Hi Eric,

You are probably right. Today I am going to make another 5.5 hrs long
experiment on the train Wroclaw-Rzeszow, and will see ...

Btw, also wonder if 25kV DC above the composition might also harm to APRS?


Misko SP6/YT7MPB

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