[aprssig] symbols for bike events?

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Our ARES group owns a bunch of trackers that are pre-configured as the /1 through /9 cueball symbols, so that marks our mobile units and clearly numbers them, so those symbols aren't available for the fixed locations, unless I remap the symbols at the display client.
I haven't really had a need to remap fixed to cueballs, since the fixed positions are kind of obvious by their relative location on the course (drawn as a contrasting translucent stripe over the map that still lets you see the roads). But I have still found remapping symbols to be useful (our tracker#4 was broken during an event requiring 7 trackers, and rover1 became rover8 later in the same event).
Using letter overlays on the zero symbol might be good (A0, B0, etc.), except for colliding APRS 1.2 extended symbol meanings.
Since I started dragging the 40-inch flat-screen monitor into the field, the event organizers seem to spend more time at the communications desk, since they can now easily see where all their units are. I'm just trying to make it easier for everyone.
Of course, it helps that I'm the author of the APRS client I use at the NCS, as I can tweak it any way I want to. :-)
Andrew, KA2DDO

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On 6/21/2017 10:19 PM, Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) wrote:
> /1 through /9 work well for the fixed points if you number them like 
> Rest Stop 1 and so forth.  /0 could be the start/finish.

I agree. I have tried using overlay symbols, but have found they are a 
little hard to read especially when an APRS map is projected onto a 
screen in an operations center. The /0 through /9 symbols are much 
easier to read IMHO and the different colors add to the visual 


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