[aprssig] TNC QSY on objects

Jess Haas km6gvw at jesshaas.com
Fri Nov 3 15:44:24 CDT 2017

So various radios with dual receivers currently support QSY on the voice
side of the radio. Should there be QSY support for objects that will switch
the frequency for the TNC side of the radio? I am thinking of something
along the lines of putting an object on the 2 meter APRS network for my
70cm 9600 baud digipeater. That way the standard 2 meter frequency can be
used to coordinate and integrate the various 70cm networks throughout the
country and users won't have to know about them or program anything to use
them. Just one button QSY onto the other packet frequency. There is
currently an object format for winlink objects but has one been proposed
for other packet objects? I know no current radios will support it but if
it isn't defined it will never be implemented....

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