[aprssig] National SKYWARN day 2 Dec (CQSRVR and ANSRVR)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Nov 16 15:04:20 CST 2017

The national Skywarn Day is on 2 Dec from 0000z to 2400z.

And Skywarn has a high profile on APRS and should play a part.  If any
SKYWARN official sees this, please include this in SKYWARN planning for
that event.

During the SKYWARN Special Event, operators will visit NWS offices and
contact other radio operators across the world.

I suggest that all participating stations be sure to be on APRS and send a
CQ SKYWARN… message to the global APRS CQSRVR.

This server will establish a global CQ SKYEARN live message group between
skywarn stations and operators all over the world in real time.

Just send your APRS message TO CQSRVR and include the first two words of
the message as CQ SKYWARN … followed by your message and it will be
reflected to all other CW SKYWARN users everywhere.  You are limited to
once per half hour, but once you see CQ SKYWARN messages from others, then
you can keyboard message them direct all you want by their call..

See http://aprs.org/cqsrvr.html

And if you want more chat bandwidth, you can also send a CQ SKYWARN…
message to the ANSRVR also, which does the same thing, but does not have
the 30 minute limit.

The CQ SKYWARN…  name is not  unique.  These two servers allow the
instantaneous formation of global APRS chat groups by simply using any
group name CQ NAME and the group will automatically be formed and your
login will remain in effect for 24 hours from the last use.

This is like we use annually on field day using CQ FD … messages or any
other time for any other group…


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