[aprssig] Solar for Ham Radio?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Nov 17 09:51:11 CST 2017

Some of you APRS users are hams with solar and are very aware of what a
great investment this is for your future.

I want to initiate a proposal to consider adding solar panels at ARRL HQ so
that they can stop paying thousands of dollars per month on electricity
(forever) and start using clean energy and lower long term operating costs.
(Free energy forever is a nice future for long term ARRL health).  Its a
net win win for the membership.

A possible fund raising method might ask for contributions for solar panels
at $400 each which get an engraved callsign.  This is for the 280W panel
and a portion of the inverter and installation costs.

Does anyone want to be a signator on the letter? and if you want to
indicate a willingness to participate in the future, also include a note

Respond direct to bruninga at usna.edu and not to the APRSSIG

Unlike we old fuds that have to live another ten years to completely
receive the benefit of our solar investemnet, ARRL is a rare institution
that plans on being here for the next century and also owns its own
buildings.  The sooner they can switch to free electricity (forever) the
better for their long term. And for our membership stewardship.

This is only an idea.  I want to sense any interest before I turn it into a
proposal…  You can see the convept on http://aprs.org/solar-arrl.html

Just an idea.


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