[aprssig] Polaric Server 2.1

Øyvind Hanssen la7eca at hans.priv.no
Tue Nov 21 04:21:04 CST 2017

I just released version 2.1 of Polaric Server.

The "Polaric Server" is mainly a web based service to present APRS
tracking information on maps and where the information is updated in
real-time. It is originally targeted for use by radio amateurs in
voluntary search and rescue service in Norway. It consists of a web
application and a server program (APRS daemon). In addition there are
some plugins that can be installed separately. It is available 
Debian packages or source code. 
>From the change log.. 

* Move to Spark and Jetty for webserver implementation
* Do authentication (login) in aprsd (use pac4j).
* Alternative websocket interface for map update using JSON instead of XML.
* Support logging in to configure standalone aprsd server
* Support CORS Ajax requests from clients.
* Move webconfig (plugin) stuff to aprsd package.
* Some monitoring of users.
* Add support for multiport Kiss TNCs (thanks W6ELA)
* Several smaller fixes.

There is also work in progress on a new client webapp based on OpenLayers 4,
See GitHub: PolaricServer/webapp2

More info here: http://aprs.no/polaricserver

LA7ECA, Øyvind

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