[aprssig] Ham Radio MOBILE Traveler PL-FIND device?

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Again, will this app tune your radio for you with a single button click?
That is the advantage of the APRS repeater objects, at least with radios that support APRS intrinsically like the Kenwood D710. Having to look it up in an app and hand-tune the radio is no easier or safer than looking it up in the ARRL's printed repeater directory. For repeaters that I don't know about in advance and that don't report themselves with APRS, they might as well not exist while I'm actually behind the wheel.
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I use the RepeaterBook app on my android devices and the website on my laptop. The app is nice in that it uses your phones location to find nearby repeaters and even sorts them by distance from you. 
On the website here’s the link to use for finding repeaters along a planned travel route https://www.repeaterbook.com/repeaters/travel.php

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Too bad all of the repeater databases have always been closed and proprietary (both the old ARRL TravelMate program and the new RFinder mobile app).
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