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A lot of the older handheld Garmin GPS units had a simulator mode where you could basically set a course and speed and away it would go. Pretty sure it output the NEMA stream in that mode.

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Joe I wrote my own some years ago when looking into doing some semi-automatic DFing.  I wrote macros in Excel for serial I/O, then was able to read and write any serial data.  The read data would go into a cell and data in a cell could be sent serially.  If you're willing to dig into what I have, I'll send something that could work...assuming I can find the easiest version for you to use.

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 Does anyone have a line on a free
 or cheap NMEA 0183 sentence generator? I am looking for DSC and AIS  sentences along with the usual GPS data. Windows or Linux,  no Mac gear here.THANKS!  Joe Della Barbajoe at dellabarba.com  73 de N3HGB_______________________________________________
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