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Tue Jan 2 14:40:14 CST 2018

On Mon, Jan 1, 2018 at 10:52 PM, Steve Noskowicz <noskosteve at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Yes.  I still have my Garmin V and it has (if I recall correctly) simulator mode.

Me, too.  And I wish my nuvi 750 had the features of my GPS-V ... or
that the V had the display and memory of the 750 ...  There was
actually a guy that had instructions online for replacing the 32-MB
memory chip (19 MB of which was usable for maps) in the V with a
128-MB chip with instructions on how to copy the read-only sections to
the new chip.  Technology moved fast enough that no one ever had time
to do the process for money, sadly.

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