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[ax25-layer2] 7-byte address proposal

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Wed Aug 2 06:29:13 UTC 2006

> Interesting comment -- what precisely do you mean by this?  I've never
> used e-mail via packet BBSes, due to lack of connectivity in my area.
> Can you describe some things you'd like to see different?

Obviously BBS mailboxes are an inefficient way to do user access - there's
too much interactivity, commands and prompts going back and forth all the
time, and no ability to be receiving mail while you're doing something else.
Maybe Winlink 2000 takes care of this, but I get really frustrated any time
I try to get technical information on how Winlink 2000 works.  95% of what's
out there is 'how it works' explained for hams that barely know how to
configure their email client for POP.  Maybe there's a technical archive
with real information for programmers and network administrators, but I
can't find it.

> However, I haven't seen any documents on OpenTRAC yet, and
> opentrac.org doesn't come up in my browser, and SourceForge has no
> homepage for the project.

Oops... DNS is separate from the rest of the domains I'm hosting, and I
think it broke.  Had to shuffle things around when my DNS provider got hit
with a massive DDoS attack.


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