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[ax25-layer2] 7-byte address proposal

Gregg Wonderly gregg at wonderly.org
Wed Aug 2 16:21:50 UTC 2006

Samuel A. Falvo II wrote:
> On 8/1/06, Samuel A. Falvo II <sam.falvo at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I do not know what OpenTRAC is.
> Just finished Googling on OpenTRAC.  I've presented my opinions based
> on my findings.  OpenTRAC bears no relavency towards changes to the
> AX.25 framing format, which is what this mailing list is about.  Or am
> I mistaken?

I believe that the ideas of opentrac present a mechanism for designing a new 
layer two header structure which could provide some extensibility in 'header' 
design so that the 'length' of fields and the number/types of header data fields 
could be easily modified over time.  Naturally, a layer three application might 
use opentracs concepts for componentization of the content to present the 
application portion of the packet, and the packet data processing mechanisms 
used in the header, could be easily reused in the content.

Gregg Wonderly

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