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[ax25-layer2] Comments on OpenAX.25 pseudo-code

Glenn Thomas glennt at charter.net
Fri Aug 4 17:43:49 UTC 2006

I, for one, would like to see it. - 73 de Glenn wb6w

At 10:16 AM 8/4/2006, you wrote:
>I have designed some pseudo-C-code for my OpenAX.25 concept after
>about two days of hashing and rehashing thoughts and ideas.  I was
>wondering if I could post it here for public discussion.  I know it's
>not v2.2 compliant (for example, it's not aware of modulo-128 frame
>types yet, but that's so easy to add that I glossed over it), but
>there are some questions about it I'd like to perhaps get answered.
>I'll post the questions as source comments.
>(I'm assuming most people on this list are fluent in C)
>Note that the code DOES NOT compile, it's still conceptual.  But
>slowly, I'm working towards a nice (I think, at least), event-driven
>API.  I am *not* going for a BSD sockets API -- I don't believe in a
>strictly procedural veneer over what is, in reality, a strictly
>event-driven system.  However, with some creativity, it won't stop
>someone from making a sockets-like layer on top of this software.
>Samuel A. Falvo II
>ax25-layer2 mailing list
>ax25-layer2 at lists.tapr.org

(be seeing you!)

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