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[ax25-layer2] "First Code"

Samuel A. Falvo II sam.falvo at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 06:37:47 UTC 2006

openax25.zip file has been updated again.  Changes include:

* axtest DOES NOT compile, because it references code which currently
doesn't exist.

* LM has limited frame dispatching capabilities now.  The code
currently there is not complete, however.  The concept of "links"
still is missing, but I hope to have that done either tomorrow or some
time next week.  (it is this code which axtest relies on, hence why it
won't yet compile)

The protocol between the LM and its client applications is very
inconsistent, and I really wish I could clean it up at some point.
However, nonetheless, it IS working.

I have, in fact, after reviewing the existing body of code, arrived at
a generic set of messaging API functions which I plan on implementing
in the future.  These functions are modeled closely on the AmigaOS
message passing API, even more so than the current set of functions,
with inspiration from AX.25's command/response bits to help
disambiguate between new messages and replies to old messages.

When implemented, porting OpenAX.25 to the new messaging system will
involve a ground-up rewrite of most of OpenAX.25's message handling
code; because of this, I'm NOT going to do that just yet.  I'm just
bringing this up to point out that a significant code change may occur
in the future, so you're not all shocked when it happens.  :)

Samuel A. Falvo II

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