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[bbssig] fbb and telnet with windoze

Kerry McKenzie tubby at vk4tub.org
Mon Jul 4 11:40:59 UTC 2005

Greeting all
just a few word of advice with regard using windows XP as a platform for 
fbb and telnet
with a dsl connection.
With XP it uses the SP2 firewall setting however even with the firewall 
switched off the network security settings are still too tight for fbb. Or 
if the prefference is set for telnet it will load the telnet server instead 
of FBB. I had an enormous amount of trouble
trying to set up telnet forwarding along with other services over a network 
and router and in the end went back to using windoze 2000 and you guessed 
it all worked first go.
Security in 2000 is laxed however behind a suitable firewall or NAT Router 
you should have few problems.

If any sysops are having problems with FBB and telnet services i would be 
happy to help
in any way possible and hopefully save you many hours of frustration as I 
have had

Best Tubby
sysop for the wormhole server

- end
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