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[bbssig] BBS for 80286

Miroslav Skoric (YT7MPB) skoric at uns.ns.ac.yu
Sun Mar 18 10:35:04 UTC 2007

Hello hams,

It makes me wonder what type of BBS software you could recommend for 
80286 CPU. In fact, I have been trying to enable forwarding between two 

80286 CPU + JNOS 1.11f ----- Ethernet ----- P II CPU + WinFBB/LinFBB

The 80286 I plan to use as a 24/7 packet-only JNOS BBS on the local VHF
band, while the other comp runs FBB from time to time including Internet
connection (as well as telnet fwd with remote FBB's). When active it
should also feed the JNOS box with bulletin stuff etc.

Until now, I haven't managed to establish forwarding between two comps 
and now I have been thinking to replace JNOS with some other type of BBS 
software and to give it a try. The requirements are as follows:

- To be capable to run on a 80286 CPU, 12 MHz, 1 MB RAM, DOS 5.0
- To run with TNC2 (WA8DED or KISS mode) connected to a VHF radio.
- To run with a NIC (Ethernet card) port, NE2000 compatible, in the home 
LAN and to forward via ethernet with another computer running WinFBB or 
- To be fully compliant with Y2K and compatible with 'telnet forwarding' 
with FBB systems.

If there is such a software that I could try I would appreciate any 
sugestion. As long as I know there is MSYS which doesn't support network 
cards, JNOS as above which has issues with FBB forwarding and require 
major changes in network card setup on Windows side of the link etc.


Misko YT7MPB

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