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[bbssig] newbie looking for help

Neville A. Cross neville at guegue.com.ni
Tue Sep 25 02:34:41 UTC 2007


My name is Neville and my callsing is YN1V. I am the sysop of YN1BBS 
located at Managua, Nicaragua.

I am trying to move from WinFBB16 to LinFBB. I have arrange a computer 
where I can run test before going live and not interfering with the 
usual activities of the BBS service. I have been playing a bit with 
linux, I currently have Ubuntu 7.04 on my computer. I have read that is 
the more ham friendly.

What I want is some help to understand what I have to setup before 
installing the LinFBB. I have installed the AX25 packages from the 
synaptic package manager, and got stuck there. The AX25-how-to said 
about compiling the kernel and it seems is not longer the case.

Thanks in advance.

Neville A. Cross
neville at guegue.com.ni
yn1v at arrl.net

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