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[bbssig] BBS Linking

scott laughlin n7net at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 21 00:26:07 UTC 2009


I'm sending this from McKinney, Texas, north of Dallas.  There is a bit of packet activity here, but most of it hinges around NTS.  The CW traffic nets put the traffic on a local BBS for local hams to pickup and deliver.

The only suggestion I can offer is to keep posting messages on a weekly basis and see if we can stir up some activity between here and there.  

I have a KAM XL and a 2m radio I'd be glad to dedicate to the quest.

Personally, I think there are probably several out there with the beacons set to transmit AFTER.  I can start sending a beacon here and a half dozen stations will be on the air with a day.  But nothing more happens.

72 de Scott/n7net/qrp
Bicycle Mobile QRP
NAQCC 2213
FISTS 8879
SKCC 1964
CTC 1.945
QRP ARCI 12567
Wireless Pioneers 5706-TA
FPQRP 2446
QORC 207

--- On Mon, 7/20/09, Randy NV0U <randy.nv0u at gmail.com> wrote:

> From: Randy NV0U <randy.nv0u at gmail.com>
> Subject: [bbssig] BBS Linking
> To: bbssig at tapr.org
> Date: Monday, July 20, 2009, 7:03 PM
> Hi everyone, 
> I have just set up FBB on an Ubuntu box
> here. Unfortunately, there is nothing at all going on packet
> wise in the Kansas City area, other than APRS. Well, I
> should not say that - we do have three (including me)
> Winlink RMS gates up at the moment. But that is it. No
> BBS' to speak of, and the only thing we are seeing from
> out of town is the occasional packet from a NET/ROM node
> about 120 miles to the east.
> So, in order for this stuff to work, I am in big need of a
> way to get FBB connected up with the rest of the world so
> that there can be some content other than the two test
> messages I sent.
> If you could pass along any BBSs that you know of that
> would be available for my system to connect to, that would
> be a tremendous help and I would forever be in your debt.
> Thanks in advance,
> Randy Rathbun NV0U
> Assistant District Emergency Coordinator - District A -
> Missouri ARES
> randy.nv0u at gmail.com
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