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[bbssig] BBS Linking

Maryetta Falkenbury flknbry at netzero.com
Tue Jul 21 03:35:41 UTC 2009

Hi Randy
There are Hf stations in the missouri area that would be glad to add you and anyone else to their network.They are on 14.098 to start with.Contact jerry at   n9lya at n9lya.com you need any further information i will get it for you.
                             73 quentin W0IDI

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  From: Randy NV0U 
  To: bbssig at tapr.org 
  Sent: Monday, July 20, 2009 7:03 PM
  Subject: [bbssig] BBS Linking

  Hi everyone, 

  I have just set up FBB on an Ubuntu box here. Unfortunately, there is nothing at all going on packet wise in the Kansas City area, other than APRS. Well, I should not say that - we do have three (including me) Winlink RMS gates up at the moment. But that is it. No BBS' to speak of, and the only thing we are seeing from out of town is the occasional packet from a NET/ROM node about 120 miles to the east.

  So, in order for this stuff to work, I am in big need of a way to get FBB connected up with the rest of the world so that there can be some content other than the two test messages I sent.

  If you could pass along any BBSs that you know of that would be available for my system to connect to, that would be a tremendous help and I would forever be in your debt.

  Thanks in advance,

  Randy Rathbun NV0U
  Assistant District Emergency Coordinator - District A - Missouri ARES
  randy.nv0u at gmail.com


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