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[bbssig] 286 node/BBS Repair

Miroslav Skoric skoric at uns.ac.rs
Wed Aug 3 21:11:43 UTC 2011

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On 8/2/2011 3:05 PM, Scott Laughlin wrote:

> eBay has many XP machines listed.  That might solve your problem.

Hi Scott, I am not sure if you meant about something such as the modern
Win$$$ XP-based comps, or the 'XP' stands for something else? If the
former, in fact it would be no problem to buy the new toy, but for just
a simple, plain 'boot-and-forget' node/bbs combo, it just seemed to me
as wasting my precious $$$ - that I need for other things and newer
activities that appeared in recent years, such as conference travels,
increased costs of living here, etc.

(Btw, I used to access the node and check the bbs on the old box, by
running BPQ32 terminal within the home Ethernet LAN from a newer
P4-based comp that I use for my other research, studying, posting this
email, etc).

In the other words, I just wanted to explore the possibilities of
inexpensive reviving such an old box, which had given me a lot of fun
during its first 20 years of use :-)
Of course, I suppose that replacing the whole system to something a bit
newer is going to be the last resort, if nothing else helps. In that
manner, I have been thinking about searching for a second-hand i386/i486
industrial configuration, to put it on the wall, switch on and forget
:-)  Any experience related to that will be appreciated.

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