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[digi-voice] Fairly decent audio compresion... So far...

Ken Linder (kc7rad) kc7rad at radstream.com
Fri Oct 29 06:32:55 UTC 2004

Well, I played with the SPEEX codec some more tonight and managed to get legible at what, according to SPEEX, is about 3kbps.  My sample audio file is about 14kB after compression.  It is about 21 seconds long and that means it is really about 5.3 kbps, including the overhead.

I am going to play some more with applying more specific knotch filters to the audio.  Throw in a few FF transforms and I think I got it!  BUT!  I am using CoolEdit to do the filtering and noise reduction.  Once I get the compression down and the quality up, I will need to figure out how to do all of this real-time in a program...

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