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[dsp] AFSK demodulator code for ARM7TDMI?

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Tue Feb 8 23:12:48 UTC 2005

Does anyone know where I might find some example code on AFSK demodulation,
either in C or assembly for the ARM7TDMI core?  A generic C implementation
using integer math would be fine.

If I can't find anything suitable, I'll probably work on adapting a
quadrature demodulator design from another platform.  I'm very new to DSP,
though, so it'll probably take me a bit.

Also, any suggestions on codec selection for G3RUH?  The ADC and DAC I'm
using now are fine for Bell 202, but I don't think they'll cut it for higher
data rates.  The DSP56002EVM has a 16-bit, 48 kSPS stereo codec that
apparently works ok up to 38.4kbps (Etxebarria et al.).  I was looking at
the AD74111 - it's cheap and it looks like it'd work, but the 2.5 v supply
would be a minor pain.



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