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[dsp] Cheap DSP chips

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Fri Feb 11 15:36:42 UTC 2005

My brother-in-law, KF6ODZ, picked up a bunch of unused surplus inventory
from a local company that went out of business a couple of years ago.  The
haul included some factory-sealed 500-chip trays of TI TMX320VC5400GGU100
DSPs.  I think there were two trays, maybe three.  If memory serves, they're
100 MIPS fixed-point chips.  Only trouble is, they're in 144-lead BGA
packages.  Very difficult for the average hobbyist to solder.  But if you've
got a use for them, let me know - I'm sure he'd be happy to let them go very


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