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[dsp] AFSK demodulator code for ARM7TDMI?

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Fri Feb 11 23:05:57 UTC 2005

> build.sh makes it really trivial.  I am participating in the design of an
> software defined radio for the command receiver for P3E using the ARM7TDI.
> We intend using fairly serious coding as well as running the operating
> system for the spacecraft on the ARM7TDI.

Ah, I think I remember a talk about this at DCC in Des Moines...

> lightweight RTOS.  IPS is the RTOS flown on all Phase 3 satellite
> missions using a Cosmac 1802.  Lyle Johnson and Chuck Green have brought

That's some serious old-school hardware.  =]  Always wanted to play with one
of those.  Didn't they use them on the Voyagers?  Do they still make them in

> I wish I had time to help you but my plate is overflowing with SDR.  The
> ARM developers guide is an absolute must as John says.  Since you already
> have an RTOS, it sounds like maybe you knew all of this anyway but I
> thought you might not and others most certainy will not.  I agree with
> John about this neat RISC processor family.  Absolutely FAB.

Is any of your code going to be available under an open source license?
Would be nice to see more of that in the ham world, but I realize a lot of
stuff is at least semi-commercial development and isn't readily shareable.

Is this the guide you're talking about?


Looks like it's worth a read.


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