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[dsp] AFSK demodulator code for ARM7TDMI?

John B. Stephensen kd6ozh at verizon.net
Sat Feb 12 01:29:34 UTC 2005

The shape of the low pass filter response is important because you want to
minimize bandwidth requirements but filtering also smears the data and
causes intersymbol interference.



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> Ahhh.. I'll take your word for it.  =]  That bit almost makes sense to
> guess it's time to pick up a basic DSP book along with the ARM manual.
> here I thought calculus was a stupid requirement for computer science...
> Scott
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> Low pass filtering is required but it shoud match whatever is in the modem
> spec. Usually, the transmitter and receiver have root raised cosine
> for an overall raised cosine response, but it depends on when it was
> designed.
> 73,
> John
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