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[Ham-80211] Will two Linksys wrt54g do point to point with the free version of Sveasoft

John Scott kd4vhg at radio.org
Mon Aug 2 01:05:57 UTC 2004

Hi Guys!

I have been following the WRT54G stuff on and off for a while with great 
interest, but no need.

Now I have a need. 

I have a model heli that I need to transfer digital data back and forth 
to.  I have some BDA's
for 2.4G as well as beams so power is not  a problem.

The main question is will the WRT54G's work in Point-to-Point bridging 
mode.  I need to move
UDP packets back and forth at 10m/b.  I have played with some of the 
wireless bridges, they work
but they don't have the power or the ant. connections that I need.

J Scott

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