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[Ham-80211] Sniper rifle modded to be WiFi antenna

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Tue Aug 3 15:37:44 UTC 2004

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Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 10:28:27 -0400
From: Cory Doctorow <doctorow at craphound.com>
Subject: [BoingBoing-mailblog] Sniper rifle modded to be WiFi antenna
To: boingboing-mailblog at flarn.com
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Sniper rifle modded to be WiFi antenna
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   A friend of mine from the Shmoo hacker group told me about this
amazing DefCon stunt back in June and swore me to secrecy, and it's
been one of the hardest secrets I've ever kept, because this is so
goddamned cool.

   The Sniper Yagi is an M16 with the firing apparatus removed and
replaced with a directional high-powered antenna. Use the sniper stand
and sight to line up your WiFi shot, plug in, and let the packets
begin!  Link (http://www.engadget.com/entry/4508373394872473)
   -- http://www.boingboing.net/2004/08/03/sniper_rifle_modded_.html


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