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[Ham-80211] WEP encryption problems

JBCrafts jbcraft at adelphia.net
Sat Aug 7 01:33:17 UTC 2004

I have just installed a 802.11g/b network in the house... a primer for
"future expansion".

I am using a Belkin wireless router as a WAP, a couple of Prism2 802.11b
PCMCIA cards and one Belkin 802.11b/g card.

The problem is that I have set up 64bit WEP encryption. Using the Prism
cards, I can connect to the network, using the Belkin card, I cannot. I get
a connection error that says that I must use a password, but I have already
set up the passphrase and got the HEX keycode. I even tried to enter just
the HEX keycode and not the phrase, same error code.

A call to Belkin tech support got nowhere.

I am able to connect to the network if I remove the WEP, but since I can see
three other networks, I really want to encrypt mine, especially since it is
a WAP and not a wireless router, it enters my network AFTER the firewall.

my config is (very simplied discription):

<WAN>---<cable modem>---<7 port router>-------<server>
                             |-<work stations>
                                 |-<print server>


Bob K8YS

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