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[Ham-80211] WEP encryption problems

Carl R. Stevenson wk3c at wk3c.com
Sat Aug 7 10:41:44 UTC 2004

Perhaps the Belkin card doesn't support 64 bit encryption, but only 128 bit?
(That may be a certification requirement for newer Wi-Fi(TM) products, but I
haven't checked the Wi-Fi Alliance website.  http://www.wifi.org
Perhaps the router and Prism2 cards are using WPA instead of WEP and the
Belkin card doesn't interoperate?

Just thinking out loud ...

Check the configuration options and check to see if newer firmware is
available from the manufacturer's websites for all of the devices.

Finally, I presume from your configuration diagram that you are operating
under Part 15, and no part of the wireless network is operating under Part

Carl - wk3c

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> Subject: [Ham-80211] WEP encryption problems
> I have just installed a 802.11g/b network in the house... a primer for
> "future expansion".
> I am using a Belkin wireless router as a WAP, a couple of 
> Prism2 802.11b
> PCMCIA cards and one Belkin 802.11b/g card.
> The problem is that I have set up 64bit WEP encryption. Using 
> the Prism
> cards, I can connect to the network, using the Belkin card, I 
> cannot. I get
> a connection error that says that I must use a password, but 
> I have already
> set up the passphrase and got the HEX keycode. I even tried 
> to enter just
> the HEX keycode and not the phrase, same error code.
> A call to Belkin tech support got nowhere.
> I am able to connect to the network if I remove the WEP, but 
> since I can see
> three other networks, I really want to encrypt mine, 
> especially since it is
> a WAP and not a wireless router, it enters my network AFTER 
> the firewall.
> my config is (very simplied discription):
> <WAN>---<cable modem>---<7 port router>-------<server>
>                              |-<WAP>
>                              |-<work stations>
>                              |-<hub>
>                                  |-<print server>
> suggestions????
> Bob K8YS
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