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[Ham-80211] WEP encryption problems

JBCrafts jbcraft at adelphia.net
Sat Aug 7 15:09:35 UTC 2004

Perhaps the Belkin card doesn't support 64 bit encryption, but only 128 bit?
(That may be a certification requirement for newer Wi-Fi(TM) products, but I
haven't checked the Wi-Fi Alliance website.  http://www.wifi.org
Perhaps the router and Prism2 cards are using WPA instead of WEP and the
Belkin card doesn't interoperate?

Hi Carl....

No, still very much Pt15.

I have been wanting to play 802.11x for a long time, I have a native Win2K
server/client network in the house and everything has been hard wired with
CAT5 and slowing upgraded using CAT6.

My wife recently had her hip replaced and wanted to use her laptop while
laying in bed, so she kinda forced me to go buy the wireless stuff - God
Love Her!

I was watching prices and keeping an eye on my favorite wholesale house, but
while walking thru Home Depot, I found these Belkin devices, a 802.11g/b/a
Router and an 802.11g/b/a NIC, the prices were comparable to the wholesale
house (YES, I know, the D-Link  has removable antenna etc and is far
preferred over non-removable etc - but the price was right and I had my HD
credit card in hand.. you know how it is :)

I have my wifes laptop talking to her desktop and am teaching her the finer
art of Mircosoftisms, she is happy...

While setting up security, I ran into this problem.. I am not happy :)

I am about to return the card to Home Depot...

The Belkin card supports 64 and 128 bit WEP, the Prism2 cards support at
least 64 bit WEP...

The router is config'ed as a WAP, but I might end up changing that back to a
router, make the 802.11 stuff another network and route it to the home
network if security becomes an issue.

Bob K8YS

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