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[Ham-80211] D-Star

Glenn Wright wb7spd at wwnet.net
Mon Aug 16 16:44:46 UTC 2004

   Thanks for the info.  I've been chomping at the bit waiting for ICOM to get 
the Dstar on the market.

Steve Lampereur wrote:

>  A few months back I think I made mention here that I had a first had chance
>  to evaluate and play with Icom's D-Star 1.2 GHz radio.  Unfortunatly the
>  radio's had to go back already.  I was really hoping to have more time to
>  put the units to many different tests.  But for anyone interested what did
>  manage to get documeted is at:
>  http://astro.gmtc.net/dstar/
>  73
> Steve
> .

73 de Glenn  KA8E

   -> Originated from a Micro$oft free system <-

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