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[Ham-80211] Motorola 900 MHz Canopy Broadband Radio

Mark Miller markm at kramrellim.com
Sat Aug 28 16:14:57 UTC 2004

Yes,  I am using it as a backbone for my winless automated meter reading 
system in Blaine MN.  My system puts transmitters on utility meters.  The 
transmitters transmit in the 902 to 928 MHz ISM band.  The base station 
receivers then encapsulate the data into a UDP packet and send it to a 
server over any medium that supports TCP/UDP/IP.  In Blaine we are using 
the canopy system as an Ethernet bridge.  Just got everything running 


Mark N5RFX

At 10:41 AM 8/28/2004, you wrote:
>DSSS 3.3 Mbps
>Anybody know anything else about this?
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