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[Ham-80211] Great Book on 802.xx by Ron Olexa

w3sz w3sz at comcast.net
Sat Jul 24 12:18:15 UTC 2004

Hi, Guillame,

If you go to:


and click on 'inside NA' or 'outside NA' you will get a page that shows  
the topics listed in the table of contents.  I have cut/pasted that list  
here.  I didn't check carefully to make sure there were no 'last minute  
changes' before publication, but I didn't note any.

Introduction; High speed Wireless Data standards;
Radio and RF Basics: Receiver, Transmitter, Antennas, Modulation, Shannon  
information theory and its effect on receiver sensitivity and EbNo, RF  
Channelization,RF Link budget, Acceptable path loss,
Frequency reuse; Propagation basics: Radio wave propagation above 2 GHz,  
Multipath and it's effects,
Fading, Terrain and morphological considerations, Line of sight, free  
space and non-line of sight paths and their unique effect on path loss and  
attenuation; Propagation modeling and measuring:
Simple modeling techniques, Complex computer modeling techniques, Site  
surveys and measurement; System Planning: Determine available products,  
Determining capacity requirements, Determining coverage requirements,Point  
to point,Multipoint Antenna selection and location, Frequency planning,
Interference management,Backhaul,Network requirements, Costs; System  
implementation, testing, and optimization: RF planning, Central equipment  
(routers, gateways and firewalls), Internet access facilities, Equipment  
Construction, Testing and optimization, Monitoring and management;  
Troubleshooting: Coverage holes,
Interference, Area variables, Capacity,Throughput;
Back office systems: Billing,Customer care,Tech support,Trouble ticket  
management, Order entry and financial; Software CD: Path loss spreadsheets  
designed by Author, Publicly available tools such as Netstumbler and  
Kismet, Demo versions from one or more purveyors of commercial computer  
propagation analysis tools.

The book is extremely accessible.  I am not an electonics sort.  I am a  
clinical cardiologist.  There was nothing in the book I found difficult or  
superfluous.  So it should be accessible/easily understood to/by everyone  
on this list [except perhaps 'Sam who is out of the office'].

This is a superb, practical resource for anyone who [like me] wants to  
implement a wireless network.  In my case, I have set up a 5 mile  
point-to-point 802.11g link and I have some performance issues that need  
to be dealt with.  Ron's book has given me the information that I need to  
have in order to go forward and solve these issues.

Again, I highly recommend it.

I ordered direct from Elsevier, via the web.  Amazon has it listed  
incorrectly as 'not yet released', and doesn't have any sample pages.   
Elsevier would have to sign up with them for that service.


Roger Rehr

On Fri, 23 Jul 2004 10:18:58 -0400, Guillaume Filion <gfk at logidac.com>  

> "Roger Rehr <w3sz at comcast.net> wrote:
>> I just received my copy of "Implementing 802.11, 802.16, 802.20 Wireless
>> Networks" by Ron Olexa, from Elsevier.
>> It is superb and I recommend it to all.
> I had the pleasure of having some of my questions answered by Ron on a  
> few
> mailing lists. Here's really knowledgable and has a way of explaining  
> that
> makes even the most complex topics very easy to understand.
> I must admit that I was a little bit scared by the title of the book, it
> seems quite advanced and may not be accessible to the common of mortals.  
> I
> had never even heared of 802.20 before hearing of this book! That's one  
> of
> the reason why I'd be very interested in hearing some reviews of the book
> and the table of contents would be very nice too. Also, it would be  
> great if
> the publisher would agree to publish a couple sample pages on Amazon for
> example.
> Thanks and 73,
> GFK's

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