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[Ham-80211] Great Book on 802.xx by Ron Olexa

Ron Olexa golexa at charter.net
Sat Jul 24 04:20:21 UTC 2004

>Hi Guillaume and Roger,

First, Roger, thank you for the great first review.  I've been quite 
worried about how my first attempt at publishing would be received.  And 
Guillaume, thank you for the kind words about my ability to explain 
clearly.  I've tried to write the book in the same way.  Don't let the 
title scare you, I wrote the book for an audience with no RF 
experience.  In working in the wireless data industry, I found that there 
were many talented network folks with no RF knowledge at all, and financial 
and executive types with NO technical background trying to make business 
decisions about implementing a very complex network.  When trying to 
implement their systems, what we would consider common RF knowledge was 
completely absent, and they had difficulty making the networks work well or 
at all.  The book attempts to bring the uninitiated into the RF fold, and 
starts with the basics.  It covers Introduction to Wireless data standards, 
RF basics, modulation, propagation, fading and propagation calculations and 
modelling, system design alternatives, troubleshooting, and back office 
systems among other things.

I think the publishing of a few pages on Amazon is a great idea.  I'll call 
my editor and see if it can be arranged.  I'll also send a full table of 
contents to the list when I get home and settled.

I guess this book is like many projects.  It could be continued forever, 
and never say quite everything.  Even now, I wish I'd had a few more 
months, because every day brings a new thought I could have included.  I 
look forward to comments, both good and bad, so I can do a better job next 
time around.

Thanks again, and keep the comments coming...   ron

>I had the pleasure of having some of my questions answered by Ron on a few
>mailing lists. Here's really knowledgable and has a way of explaining that
>makes even the most complex topics very easy to understand.
>I must admit that I was a little bit scared by the title of the book, it
>seems quite advanced and may not be accessible to the common of mortals. I
>had never even heared of 802.20 before hearing of this book! That's one of
>the reason why I'd be very interested in hearing some reviews of the book
>and the table of contents would be very nice too. Also, it would be great if
>the publisher would agree to publish a couple sample pages on Amazon for
>Thanks and 73,
>Guillaume Filion, ing. jr
>Logidac Tech., Beaumont, Québec, Canada - http://logidac.com/
>PGP Key and more: http://guillaume.filion.org/
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