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[Ham-80211] Great Book on 802.xx by Ron Olexa

Walt DuBose dubose at texas.net
Mon Jul 26 23:30:13 UTC 2004

Barns and Nobles wants $60 for the book and won't have it until 2 Aug. 
My XYL gets a discount as she is a University Employee but I sure hope
that Ron gets a good cut on this...he deserves it. 


Guillaume Filion wrote:
> Ron Olexa wrote:
> > Guillaume, thank you for the kind words about my ability to explain
> > clearly.  I've tried to write the book in the same way.  Don't let the
> > title scare you, I wrote the book for an audience with no RF
> > experience.  [...] The book attempts to bring the
> > uninitiated into the RF fold, and starts with the basics.  It covers
> > Introduction to Wireless data standards, RF basics, modulation,
> > propagation, fading and propagation calculations and modelling, system
> > design alternatives, troubleshooting, and back office systems among
> > other things.
> Roger Rehr wrote:
>  > This is a superb, practical resource for anyone who [like me] wants to
>  > implement a wireless network.  In my case, I have set up a 5 mile
>  > point-to-point 802.11g link and I have some performance issues that
>  > need  to be dealt with.  Ron's book has given me the information thatI
>  > need to  have in order to go forward and solve these issues.
> You convinced me, I just ordered the book from Elsevier. I usually
> prefer to order from Amazon.ca to save on shipping, but Elsevier didn't
> change anything for shipping, so it's even better.
> Can't wait to receive it!
> 73,
> GFK's
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