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[Ham-80211] Linksys wrt54g or g

Drew Baxter droobie at maine.rr.com
Sat Jul 31 21:39:54 UTC 2004

The WRT54G V2 is the same hardware as the GS.  So depending on how new the 
stock is on your shelf, you might be paying 25$ more for the same thing.

Based on my testing though, I feel the GS version is not worth the 
additional money.  I have the Dlink DWL2000AP which has a speedboosting 
feature and it increases the latency between the two places when we use 
it.  Our link is a mere 400 feet, so I can only imagine if it was even further.

The G could be had for 54.74 after rebate or something crazy like 
that.  I'd check www.techbargains.com and do a search for WRT54G.

I bought the Sveasoft (www.sveasoft.com) Firmware subscription for 20$ a 
year too.  They seem to add in what people want, so it seems to be worth 
the money to me to get the new stuff ahead of time.  They also release a 
free version of the firmware when the releases are as well, at the same 

--Droo, @Network (K1XVM)

At 04:59 PM 7/31/2004, larry wrote:
>is the GS worth 25 bucks more,
>what is the difference, more power, faster speed??
>thank you,
>Schneider TV & Electronic Inc.
>5415 N. Wooster ave.
>Dover, Ohio 44622       www.geocities.com/schntv2000/
>330-343-0768         FCC. first class & Extra class K8WLY
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