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[Ham-80211] Re: Access control suggestions

Steve Lampereur kb9mwr at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 2 06:03:24 UTC 2004

>But this just goes back to the point, anyone with a ht can use your
repeater, anyone with a packet station can use your >station.  Nothing is
100% fool proof, the FCC realizes that.  If you keep people from accessing
your main network they will >stop connecting to your AP.  Same way if you
ignore a pirate on your repeater.  They'll stop getting on there.  As long
as we >make a honest effort to keep honest people honest I think that should
be good enough.  Yes I know, it's not perfect but none >of our systems are.
If someone wants to hack in to any of our ham networks, be it 802.11,
packet, repeaters or HF, they >will.

Exactly.  Our systems don't have to be 100% hack proofed.  Just use common
sense and employ good engineering and good amateur practice.  In my mind as
long as you use one extra method above and beyond what the standard Part 15
users are doing, you have fulfilled the good engineering expectation. For me
I simply do not broadcast my SSID, and I use the class A 44 bank of, IP
addresses.  That's it.  I have played with MAC authentication, but decided
it was to much headache in my situation.

You see to me our purpose will out-weigh my possible inadvertent ping
response to a part 15 user.  My 802.11 stuff is prove I'm able to advance
ham radio, by encouraging and improving ham radio though a set of flexible

I'm quite sure that down the road when more hams begin using this mode,
rules will change to better accommodate us.  Just as they did in 1999, when
spread spectrum rules were relaxed.  In the mean time, I'm not real uptight
about inadvertently transmitting responses to unlicensed users.  Hey it's
shared band-space.  Like it would be any different if we were both running
voice on shared band space.

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