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[Ham-80211] Access control suggestions

Mike Murphree mike at tropo.org
Wed Nov 3 18:14:02 UTC 2004

> However, there are other ways to make the system "incompatible" which
> will have the same desired effect. One of the projects I have been
> following closely, and am a active user, is the SVEASOFT WRT54G Linux
> project. You can see it here:
> http://www.linksysinfo.org/
> http://www.sveasoft.com/modules/phpBB2/index.php
> The WRT54G is a 802.11g router the runs Linux. One of the "problems" of
> Linux is you often have to release source, and LinkSys had to just that.
> And what has happened as a result of this is quite a number of projects
> that have enhanced this router (and added to LinkSys's bottom line I
> might add!).

I also subscribed to the Sveasoft service a few months ago, but their
redistribution terms lead me to believe that they are not really an "open
source" effort.  Subscribing to their service via PayPal enrolls you in an
automatically renewing annual subscription which irks me some as well.  I
haven't found that the features offered beyond the standard Linksys
firmware are that earth shattering and will probably drop the subscription
before the year is out.  It is quite nice that Linksys offers the toolset
and code totally free of charge.

Mike W4LNA

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