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[Ham-80211] Access control suggestions

Steve Lampereur kb9mwr at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 4 06:18:21 UTC 2004


It would not surprise me if Icom was trying to discourage hams from using
WiFi.  I wasn't the one in contact with Icom for the evaluation we did here
in Green Bay, but I don't remember any off the wall stuff like that.  One of
the Icom reps lives here in town and I think he knows talking down WifI to
us would be dumb, but on the same token I'm sure that's why we had a chance
to evaluate the D-Star.  Cha-Ching free word of mouth publicity!

The only thing that caught me a bit off guard is when the units had to
suddenly be sent back.  Supposedly in the not to distant future there will
be a "second generation" that we might get to also evaluate.  I'm not sure
was meant by that.  It could be as simple as a clear up of some firmware
issues. (There were a couple minor ones).  Or maybe Icom has another plan up
their sleeve.  Either way I guess to me WiFi is still alot more practical
since the D-star for most hams is way out of their price range.

And I hear you on the "non-compatible" fork of GPL code. And yes from what I
have queried changing frequency isn't a practical option.  While I don't
actively follow it, I do from time to time I check...  Hoping someone with
better programming knowledge that I will start the footwork for ham firmware
of sorts.


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