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Fw: [WISPA] Fw: [Ham-80211] Access control suggestions

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Fri Nov 5 20:20:43 UTC 2004

jeff at aerodata.net wrote:
> BTW, I meet with our local power company on the BPL issue. They said it
> wouldn't scale in our rural area. BPL mostly intended for dense urban
> areas, at least that was their thought

Jeff, thanks for this wonderful insight.  It actually fits in with some 
of the modeling I've done with last mile infrastructure.  As any 
rational economist recognizes, last mile infrastructure is one of the 
classic definitions of the natural monopoly, an infrastructure in which 
increasing competition creates increasing subscriber cost.  When you 
combine that with the marketplace which has a fundamental cap on revenue 
because of pricing expectations of consumers, there is a minimum market 
penetration needed in order to make money.

In urban spaces, you will have high enough population density and churn 
in order to make it look like you are making money.  In rural or 
suburban spaces, you'll need probably a greater than 50 percent market 
share in order to make money.


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