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Fw: [WISPA] Fw: [Ham-80211] Access control suggestions

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Fri Nov 5 20:27:53 UTC 2004

Drew Baxter wrote:

> Verizon (my local carrier) is right into doing this so they can offer 
> high speed data to more customers.  SBC is also intending to provide 
> their own TV programming over their service as they roll it out and turn 
> their SBC-DishNetwork customers.

unfortunately, you are only going to have a duopoly of services 
(Comcast/Verizon) which isn't really competition as we found out with 
the early days of the cellular phone market.  expect a significant 
period of technical stagnation except for what the open source community 
manages to implement around restrictions implemented by the 
Comcast/Verizon you-do-what-we-tell-you AUP's.

it's not going to alleviate any demands for part 15 spectrum except by 
driving out of business smaller-than-Verizon service providers.  I 
expect part 15 spectrum to be used heavily by municipalities providing 
service to their citizens.

at least, that's the way the magic eightball turns up today.  :-)

George Bush makes me long for the honesty of Richard Nixon

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