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Fw: [WISPA] Fw: [Ham-80211] Access control suggestions

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Fri Nov 5 20:48:26 UTC 2004

Drew Baxter wrote:

> I'm a Great Works Internet user, 3000/768 for 29.95 a month for DSL.  
> Comcast doesn't exist here, you're thinking 'Adelphia'.  Verizon has no 
> rules about servers or how you use their service which makes it quite 
> different than Comcast any day.  They also don't block ports.  I think 
> Verizon is very flexible in their "As long as you don't do anything 
> illegal" AUP.  Meanwhile Comcast has data transfer rules where they can 
> cut you off for downloading or uploading too much.
> Cable Internet technology is much more finite than DSL is as far as 
> bandwidth goes.  The problem is, DSL's availability is much less, except 
> here in Maine where Cable is not available to a large population.

very good points.  Unfortunately down here in Massachusetts (last I 
looked which was about six months ago), Verizon was one of the more 
restrictive service providers with only 128k up and a consume only port 
blocking mentality.

it sounds like you are not actually using Verizon for anything except 
transport which means your Internet service provider is the one who sets 
policy.  For example in my case, I use speakeasy over WorldCom.  Again 
same great no restrictions type AUP.

the only reason you get to purchase service from another ISP over 
verizon lines is because of the telecommunications act of 1996.  This 
privilege is going away sometime next few years unless (I think) the 
service provider also offers telephone service which is why speakeasy is 
now offering QOS enabled VoIP.

thanks to our friends in FCC land, this option will not be available to 
you with fiber.  The rest of the world is sharing telecommunications 
infrastructure for last mile.  Deutsche Telecom rents copper at 12 bucks 
a month U.S. and makes money. Verizon rents it at closer to 25-30 per 
month in claims to be losing money.  Given that we have lower cost 
structures, I'm more than a little suspicious.  The information source 
by the way was the dsl prime.  dave3 at dslprime.com   put "subscribe" in 
the subject, and you'll be added free. it's a great newsletter for 
keeping you up on the state of the world in dsl telecom.


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