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[Ham-80211] Why? (was Handoff between access point? )

Daron J. Wilson daron at wilson.org
Wed Nov 24 15:21:01 UTC 2004

> Possible technically, but not doable at this time by hams.  I don't
> think this is done by any part 15 groups either.   You would have to
> jump through some hoops to do it commercially, profit might be a

I've done it years ago with the Breezecom line of Access Points, several
times in a campus environment (specifically water treatment plants)
where the operators used pen tablet computers and little carts to drive
around the facility.  Not doable?  Maybe not by you, but it certainly is

>     Technical of course is one issue, but political is another not
> discussed.  Who would set up this network? Would it be an existing
> Or perhaps an association of clubs? Would a new department of the
> repeater coordinating committee be needed?  Spontaneous small
> associations of  experimenters might be able to do a network locally,
> but would have to evolve to meet the manning requirements of a larger
> network. BTW I do think a small group could do it, but of course not
> any length of time. Do you think a small spark could start a prairie

Uhh....the reason the political issue is often not discussed, perhaps,
is that most of us could care less about that approach.  We're hams, we
like to build and try things.  This guy just asked if it was possible
and where to learn about it and got a liberal arts dissertation on the
political aspects.  I fail to see where you even begin to help the
gentleman with his question.

>     One asset hams have and I have not seen discussed is the
> organisation we already have. In many ways we are playing catch up in
> radio networking, but we are way ahead in not for profit social
> structure.  The ability to run a ham fest to fund a years worth of
> projects or to actually collect yearly dues is amazing.  We are also
> organized nationally.
>     In most instances when I promote HSMM to hams the question I get
> not how, but why? We must approach the construction of networks as a
> social problem.

Actually, I will continue to build networks, use them, share them, sell
them as needed without approaching their construction as a social
problem.  Yes, anytime you build a network with multiple groups you have
politics, but I would certainly engineer it from the operations side
first, then consider the politics.  Done the other way around, you'll
never move forward past the political stage.

There are products that do allow mobility, one we've worked with
recently is Esteem Wireless.  Their access points can be configured and
tweaked with mobility options to allow the build out of the network
exactly as was designed.

Data-linc is another company we use for this type of an environment,
very good equipment and engineering.

It's doable, done, and re-doable.

73 N7HQR

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> Carl Walthall wrote:
> > Hi All
> >
> > If a person setup a large 802.11b network under part 97 city wide
> > multiple access points running infrastructure.  Could a person with
> > laptop in their car drive from one end to the other without losing
> > connection? In other words, could the network be setup to handoff
> > connection from access point to access point the same as a cell
> > would (Mobile IP)? I am sure its not the same, but could you stay
> > connect as long as your getting a strong signal from a access point?
> > would also like to know the best place to read up on this subject?
> >
> > Thanks in advance
> >
> > Carl Walthall
> >
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