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[Ham-80211] Re: ham-80211 Digest, Vol 3, Issue 2

VA7AA va7aa at shaw.ca
Thu Sep 2 22:50:19 UTC 2004

I partially disagree... yes it is probably legal to locate hotspots... but
that's about it...  To use the bandwidth that someone else pays for is
another kettle of fish. Technically, I bet some courts could consider that a
B&E or even theft. Is it ok to tap into someone's phone line... borrow the
services just because he's not using it? ..after all it's a flat rate...no
extra cost  Lets use another analogy... you see a car parked on the side of
the road... keys in and motor running...so it ok to hop in and "borrow" that
car... drive around town, do your shopping, replace the gas and bring it
back to the same spot and leave it where you found it... with a note "thanks
for the loan of your vehicle."... I think not!  Just because a guy is stupid
enough to leave the car running with the keys in it doesn't mean it's free
for someone to take... same with the guy who doesn't use WEP and leaves his
wireless modem open and available for the neighbourhood to use...he left the
keys in but that doesn't make it right. Maybe he doesn't give a damn...but
that's not the point.

So... I believe such action could be considered the theft or even the
diversion of a telecommunication service... because it's a service that's
paid for and belongs to someone else... just because the signal goes past
the gate of a guys house doesn't mean it's a free for all that belongs to
you and everyone else.  I'd be very careful.. why not ask?

Me...I'd be right pissed if I saw the lights of my modem lit up 24/7 ...I'd
go find out who was doing it...it's not that hard to find out  ... and have
a word with the boy. Like how abut sharing the cost of my cable service..
then we all win. That's legal here by the way...
Yes.  There are many.  Here's one:  http://www.jiwire.com

You'll find my FREE hotspot listed there if you search on zip 80128.
It is listed as "Columbine" with my SSID "k0unx".  It is LEGAL to suck up
bandwidth, though I don't know how long it will remain legal.  Many people
don't care if you do.  Most won't even be aware.

Mine has been located by wardrivers as far as 40 kM east of here.  :^)
Nice setup here.  :)

> is there a site to locate legal hot spots??
> also, is it legal to connect to  the inter net, with out
> knowing thorough who you are connecting, such as if I turn on
> my lap top while in my car, and i see i have a connection to
> the inter net.
> no playing with WEP or such.
> Thank you,
> Larry

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