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[Ham-80211] Re: ham-80211 Digest, Vol 3, Issue 2

Darryl Smith Darryl at radio-active.net.au
Fri Sep 3 21:46:39 UTC 2004

Funny you should bring that up, about "The mouse that roared"...

There was an opinion poll in one of the papers here a few months back,
basically asking about the future of the Commonwealth of Australia.

I think something like 20% of people believed that we would be a state of
the USA within 50 years. Interestingly less people believed that Australia
and New Zealand would become a single nation - something that almost
happened when the commonwealth of Australia was formed in 1901. [Reminds me
of a song for the 1996 Olympics, which went "We don't care who wins, so long
as Australia beats New Zealand]

... Anyway onto the topic of wireless - I leave Australia for three weeks
away tomorrow morning. I will be spending a night in New Zealand, a week in
the USA, A week in London and a week in Rome. I hope to meet as many members
of the list as possible. I will be in LA on Monday. Not sure what I am doing
yet... So if anyone is free. 

I have been chasing 802.11 coverage for London. It costs 16 UK Pounds per
day, at cheapest. But if I subscribe for a month-to-month plan with T-Mobile
USA I get roaming in London, for US$40/month. If I committed to a 12 month
contract it would be US$30/month. The economics are screwed up there

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A good movie to see concerning this situation is "The Mouse That Roared" 
starring Peter Sellers.   It has a small country challenging the US with 
the intention of losing, where upon they would get foreign aid. They 
stumble on to a WMD and accidentally win the war.
    Did any of the police activity  protecting the Republican convention 
involve ham radio? The people in the streets made use of text messaging 
on their cell phones.  I know of a couple of hams who were protesters, 
but they didn't use the ham bands during the demo.

Guillaume Filion wrote:

>From: "Jeff King" <jeff at aerodata.net> wrote:
>>That much being said, I'm well aware of the current sad state of affairs
>>has progressively gotten worse in the U.S. over my lifetime. "If your not
>>criminal, you shouldn't have anything to hide...right?" seems to be the
>>mindset of the masses, with regards to all these invasions of privacy that
>>are occurring.  But I digress....
>>Bottom line, in the U.S., prepare to have your door kicked in, and then
>>the money to prove you are innocent.
>I'm not sure what it has to do with 802.11 and HAMs but I'll bite.
>I think that the present situation in the US is a "transient state" caused
>by the terrorists attacks of 2001. You can see examples of this in every
>war; for example, during WW2, asians living in the US and Canada were put
>into camps in fear that they would work for the ennemy. These days, we can
>see a roughly similar situation with the arabs living in the US; they are
>not put into camps but are searched and inspected more than they would if
>they were'nt arabs. Some of them are arrested without charges for
>undisclosed security reasons. I believe this is called "racial profiling."
>Things should be getting back to normal ("permanent state") in a couple
>years if there are no more attacks. It's the security paradox, if the
>CIA/FBI/etc are effective in stopping attacks, thing will go back to normal
>and the govn't will cut the CIA/FBI/etc funding and reduce their powers. If
>the CIA/FBI/etc fail to stop other attacks, they'll likely get more funding
>and more powers.
>Note that I'm not stating an opinion of this behavior, I'm just associating
>facts; I'm personally not sure what to think about this.
>73 and have a good week-end,

........ Alex Fraser  N3DER .........
......... beatnic at comcast.net .......

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