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OT [Ham-80211] Re: ham-80211 Digest, Vol 3, Issue 2

Jeff King jeff at aerodata.net
Sat Sep 4 02:40:10 UTC 2004

Good well thought out post Gulluame, just a few comments.

On Fri, 3 Sep 2004 15:17:18 -0400, Guillaume Filion wrote:
>From: "Jeff King" <jeff at aerodata.net> wrote:
>>That much being said, I'm well aware of the current sad state of

>I'm not sure what it has to do with 802.11 and HAMs but I'll bite.

Not much, other then the embedded attitudes toward 802.11b war driving. 
Frankly, as a hobby here in the U.S., many in our defacto leadership "The 
ARRL" really sets a very bad tone for amateur radio by cozing up to the 
government and asking for entitlements from "homeland security' and other 
paramilitary government organizations. I'd much rather see a (amateur radio) 
organization more independent,  more outspoken, and more concerned about our 
rights as opposed to getting government entitlements. It breeds an atmosphere 
of acceptance and defeat.

(which, to keep this on topic, and to its credit, TAPR has occasionally 
spoken out against and supported freedom and advancement in amateur radio... 
and don't get me wrong, I largely support the ARRL, but the bulk of its 
membership are not interested in the technical aspects of radio... or so it 
seems to me)

As to the rest, I've got a few comments, but totally not amateur radio at 
this point.

>I think that the present situation in the US is a "transient state"
>caused by the terrorists attacks of 2001. You can see examples of
>this in every war; for example, during WW2, asians living in the US
>and Canada were put into camps in fear that they would work for the

Yeap, those funny looking Asian-Americans where put in the camps, where as 
the white looking German/Italians where left to run around.  A comment later 
on your "war' statement.

>These days, we can see a roughly similar situation with the
>arabs living in the US; they are not put into camps but are searched
>and inspected more than they would if they were'nt arabs. 

I'm a old WASP (White Anglo Saxen). I've had quite a few run-in's with the 
TSA idiots working security at the airports already. You offended them, or 
question their right to search you,  out come the rubber gloves and the guy 
with the gun starts to stare you down. I guess alot of old white guys have 
been stealing planes in Detroit.

>Things should be getting back to normal ("permanent state") in a
>couple years if there are no more attacks.

And you made the analogy earlier:

>"You can see examples of this in every war"

Ahhh... the "War on Terrorism"  Problem with that is, as a student of 
history, terrorism in some way shape or form has been with us for 1000's of 

So in effect, if "Terrorism is war" then what we end up with is a Permanent 
War, aka George Orwell's novell 1984. See:
for some more discussion on this.

> It's the security
>paradox, if the CIA/FBI/etc are effective in stopping attacks, thing
>will go back to normal and the govn't will cut the CIA/FBI/etc
>funding and reduce their powers.

I don't have the figures at my finger tips, but the government grew immensely 
(as it should have) during World War 2. Yet at the conclusion of the war, it 
never came near its pre-war size, and only continued to grow bigger.

Historically, this reduction in size, once government gets its fingers in, is 
unlikely to happen.

>Note that I'm not stating an opinion of this behavior, I'm just
>associating facts; I'm personally not sure what to think about this.

Stay in Canada?  ;-) 

Well, just kidding, I  consider myself a patriot and why this topic hit my 
hot button. To the U.S. hams, their is an alternative to Twiddle Dee and 
Twiddle Dumb, take this political test:
then if your curious, look here:

> 73 and have a good week-end, GFK's

You too.... 


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